Unique volunteering archaeological adventure: combination of science, energy, spiritual, healing and volunteering

Become a Volunteer

Since 2010, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation has been running a highly successful annual volunteering program. Unlike most archaeological sites, the Bosnian Pyramid excavations are open to anyone and everyone wishing to contribute. No experience or academic qualifications are necessary, but we do expect persons to be curious, passionate, excited, eager to learn and happy to meet others from around the world who are likeminded. You must also not mind getting a little dirty! Work is physical but there are onsite tasks suitable for all abilities and agilities.

Due to uncertain traveling conditions and imposed movement restrictions we recommend checking the availability of the 'Expeditions' program before booking. We rather suggest applying to our 'Volunteering only' program.

Expeditions with archaeological volunteering

All inclusive offer. All participants will have a chance to contribute to the research taking place across the Bosnian Pyramid Valley

Check the availability of this program before booking!


Volunteering only

Polaznici ovog programa mogu slobodno odabrati smještaj iz širokog izbora kvalitetnih i lokalno dostupnih: soba za iznajmljivanje, apartmana, hostela i hotela.

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