Volunteering only

  • Be prepared to get a little dirty! The work is physical, but we have enough tasks in the field that suit all abilities and skills.


This option gives everybody a chance to participate with the excavations taking place across the Bosnian Pyramid Valley. Participants of the ‘Volunteering only’ program are free to choose and provide their own accommodation from a wide selection of quality locally available rental rooms, apartments, hostels and hotels. Simply book the accommodation that fits your budget, sign up for volunteering and attend at the beginning of any working week during the excavation season.

Training, insurance, expert supervision and equipment will be provided by the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation. The lunch provided to those on ‘Expeditions’ will also be offered to ‘Volunteers Only’ during excavation days and consists of freshly prepared locally produced organic domestic dishes (vegetarian only options available).

  • Transport and accommodation are not included!

    Working days are from Monday to Friday!

  • New members start every Monday between June and October 2022.