Park Tours

  • Enjoy beautiful natural and energy complex near the entrance of the Ravne tunnels


Archeological-tourist park Ravne 2 was officially opened on 18th June 2016. It spans over 100000 squared meters and is located in Visoko, center of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The park was created after dr. Sam Osmanagich bought 15 private parcels which he merged into one huge area that contained 7 wild landfills and swamp areas. After the water was drained, plants and grass planted, landfills removed and park facilities placed, Visoko got a beautiful park, which dr. Sam donated to the Foundation „Archeological park: Bosnian pyramid of the Sun“

Council of Municipality of Visoko has declared the Park "Ravne 2", park of general importance. Foundation maintains the park so that it adheres to world standards in terms of cleanliness, safety and facilities. The park is a member of world association of amusement parks - IAAPA.
In 2020. 65.000 people visited the park from all around the world. This park has is of an immense value to local community. It was a shelter from urban centers and enclosed spaces. The visitors can enjoy nature, carnivorous forest, spring water and many programs and facilities


Please adhere to following guidelines during your visit

  • No loud noises
  • Littering is not allowed
  • Starting fires is not allowed
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