2 Days Tour

  • Belvedere

  • Underground labyrinth Ravne
  • Foundation's museum
  • Archeological-tourist park Ravne 2
  • Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun - northern locations
  • Bosnian pyramid of the Moon

  • Top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun
  • Air Spa
  • Additional Visit to the Underground Labyrinth Ravne (healing aspect)


On 2 days tour you will visit every location in Bosnian Pyramids valley. Belvedere is location from which is the best distant view of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. Guide will give you introduction to our project and research. This location is ideal for the photographing.

After introduction our next location is Underground labyrinth Ravne. Just beneath Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Valley of Pyramids, is a prehistoric underground labyrinth with over one mile (1.7 kilometers) of passageways. Take a guided tour through the Ravne Labyrinth and walk through the illuminated tunnels to discover their healing powers. The high concentration of ions is believed to clean your body and you can spend extra time in the “healing room” inside the tunnels and by the mega-ceramic block K-2-special energy potent place ideal for meditation and healing.

Museum exhibition is located in the building close to the entrance to Ravne tunnels. Some of the artifacts discovered during the excavation are exposed. Number of satellite photos, energy measurements, lab analysis and radiocarbon dating can be found at the museum.

Before reaching the Pyramid of the Sun you can rest and walk in Park Ravne 2. It is most beautiful natural and energy complex near the entrance of the Ravne tunnels. Several active archaeological sites are located in the park, such as entrance to second level tunnels, modified hill “The Bell Tower”, with measured beneficial energy phenomena and newly discovered tunnels Ravne 3 and Ravne 4, with 26.200 old radiocarbon age. Park has green crystal pyramid, six- petal rose labyrinth of, youga/meditation platforms, concert stage with natural amphitheater, aura ampiflier stone circles, botanical garden, fountains with healthy drinkable water, recreational trails and other.

After the first part of the daily tour is finished we will continue to visit pyramids. First on the list is Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. It is the largest and oldest pyramid in the world. You will visit northern side where synthetic (geopolymer) concrete blocks were uncovered under the layers of soil and vegetation. Vratnica tumulus is artificial conical hill just 5 km from the pyramid site. It was constructed using combination of two-layer megalithic blocks, clay and concrete. Its height is 32 meters above the road level. Megalithic blocks reach mass of more than 10 tons. It is perfect spot for guided meditation. Bosnian pyramid of the moon with its height of 190 meters is higher than Great Pyramid of Egypt (147 meters). It combines shaped sandstone blocks/tiles and layers of clay which was used as construction material in large quantities. Sources of the material are located nearby. Clay is excellent construction material and was used as a binder, waterproof and thermo/audio insulation. Terraced design is unique in the Pyramid Science.

Second day is dedicated to healing aspect of the complex. You can visit Ravne tunnels second time and meditation rooms so you can relax and recharge your body and soul. Continue your relaxation on the trails of our air spa forest. In the vicinity of Ravne tunnels, Foundation has made a beautiful park with the forest and stone installations, hexagon, dolmen and golden ration, labyrinth of health and wellness center with therapeutic massage, chiropractic and organic products will help your mind body and soul. Best and last location on our 2 days tour in valley of the Bosnian pyramids is the top of the Bosnian pyramid of the Sun. It has a commanding view of the valley, teams of physicist have detected and measured several energy phenomena: electromagnetic and ultrasound beams and scalar waves. It is location of several cultural layers (medieval, roman, Illyrian).


  • all locations are vehicle and wheelchair accessible
  • visit to Bosnian pyramid of the Sun locations includes 15-minutes stairs climbing from the base of the pyramid
  • visit to the top of the Bosnian pyramid of the Sun include 30-minutes climbing
  • temperature inside of the Ravne tunnels is 12°C, so please remember to bring your jacket

Price: 35€

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