Oral traditions about fairies will come to life again, this time in the Magic Forest of the most beautiful park in the south of Europe.
In Croatia, there are nine fairies, in Serbia there are 300 fairies, the most famous of which is Villa Ravijojla, in Montenegro, fairies are responsible for the creation of Lake Skadar, and in Bosnia and Herzegovina there are living legends about five fairies: Red Fairy, Mountain Fairy, Bosnian Fairy , Hill’s Fairy and the Golden Queen Fairy Mother.
Stories about them go back to Slavic and even older Illyrian traditions.
A pavilion with six billboards explaining the phenomenon of fairies has already been built in the Magic Forest of the Archaeological-Tourist-Sports Park ‘Ravne 2’.
Professors from the sculpture department of the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Sarajevo are working on the creation of five beautiful, long-haired fairies with wings that will decorate the forest in the park and give it a sense of mysticism and secrecy. The opening of this installation is scheduled for April 2024.